Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about my Photography Services

1Do you only do Family and Children photo-shoots?
No, I also do engagements, weddings, events, formal portraits and fine art prints.
2Im not sure when to book for a Family photoshoot, when do you suggest?
The best time is in the late afternoon when the light turns golden. Its called the “golden hour” — and will make the photos a lot warmer.
3What should we wear for Family photos?
Wear comfortable clothes and it would be nice if you all had a recurring theme. ie. Everyone wears the same bowtie / Everyone wears the same color t-shirt / Everyone wears a hat / etc. You don’t all have to look the same but a recurring theme is cute.
4How old does my infant have to be for newborn portraits?
Your baby must be between 5 to 10 days old when the newborn portraits are scheduled. Ideally this is the case so that we can wrap your newborn and they can be sleeping most of the time. If your newborn is older, we can still do a photoshoot but wrapping will be challenging.
5Do you accept credit cards?
6Can I pay in cash?
7 Do you have someone with you to do hair and makeup?
No but let me know if you need hair and make up and I can definitely recommend salons in the area
8Which location would you suggest we do an outdoor shoot?
There are quite a few outdoor locations in Northern VA to choose from so it really depends on your level of fitness. If you can walk then the Parks are great. If you don’t feel like walking too much, we can also use places like the Reston Town Center. We can also set up a photo booth in your home / office. So everything depends on you and your needs / requirements.
9Do we bring a change of clothes?
If your family is active and wants to do active lifestyle photos ie. Jump shots, then yes, please bring a change of clothes if you plan to go out afterwards. Photojumps will cause you to sweat and you will jump more than twice for a good photo. During the summer this will be a requirement. If your photoshoot is in the Spring or Fall, it might be possible not to need a change of clothes.

If you have a quick question for me, please let me know