Newborn Photography

Reston, Northern VA Photographer

We are currently offering a 50% discount off of our regular rates for Newborn Photography for residents of Reston, VA. This offer is valid for newborn babies not over 14 days old. We will come to you for the photoshoot as it is best for baby and Mom to be as comfortable as possible!

A photography session is anywhere from 3 to 4 hours and that includes set-up and packing up. Please make sure you make adjustments for that time. A newborn photography session is very slow moving and the newborn baby will actually dictate what we can and cannot do. Below are some guidelines for the photography session.

Newborn Photography Session Preparation

  • Please have your home temperature at 78 or higher. If not possible, a space heater is also helpful. Baby will either be lightly wrapped or without covering and it important that your little one stay warm and cozy.
  • Please know that we will take a look around to determine the best location for set-up. This is usually a place with the best natural light. In order to maximize lighting we may ask to move furniture, etc.
  • Prior to our arrival please, to the best of your ability, feed/nurse your little one. This does not mean you need to overfeed. Please read further below.
  • The entire session may take up to 4 hrs. This is dependent on your baby’s needs. It is very VERY normal for your little one to feed/nurse frequently, have frequent poos and pees, and desire comfort. They have very small tummies and nursing/feeding/suckling every 30-90 minutes is not unusual. We will take breaks as your little one needs the essentials addressed. A well-fed and dry baby is a happy baby!
  • If baby has older siblings, we ask that they be occupied elsewhere as there will be several pieces of equipment set up for the session. This means cords/trip hazards/danger of equipment falling is a risk. If older siblings are to be photographed as part of the session, we will discuss those details with you as needed.
  • If baby has furry siblings (i.e. you have pets) the same applies. We ask that they be kept away from the session area in order to avoid accidents. If pets are to be photographed as part of the session, we will discuss those details with you as needed.

If you are interested in this offer and would like more information, contact us

We provide some outfits/props for the baby, but please feel free to have your own outfits if you would like to try some shots with them. Based on our experience, head pieces work better than full outfits, but be mindful about sizing. During the photoshoot our stylist / baby-whisperer will take great pains in making sure that your baby is as comfortable as ever. It also doesn’t hurt that she is a professional with years of experience. We look forward to photographing your new bundle of joy! You can Contact us here.