My name is Fevi and I've been a photographer for over 10 years now. If my images resonate with you, please get in touch. I'm currently only accepting photography sessions on the weekend. What I love about photography is the way that I can capture moments and preserve them in in a time capsule. I know that I love doing it for my son and would love doing it for your family/child as well.

Prior to moving to Northern Virginia, I was a Beach and Wedding photographer in the Cayman Islands. Back then my signature shots were jump shots. It feels like a different lifetime ago and as I've gotten older the need to start photographing again has hit me, hard. I want to focus my energies on creating memories that will never leave you and that if you need a visual memory of that feeling, I hope to be able to capture it for you.

Baby Wrapping Specialist + Location Stylist


Susana has been part of the birth world for over 6 years now and her priority is making sure that your newborn baby is safe, secure and comfortable during the newborn photography session.

Susana is also our Design Specialist and brings her creative interest in art and presentation into the Photography Industry. Her background in Women’s Health and her love for beautiful simplicity makes this a perfect weekend project for her.