Maternity Photographer

Northern Virginia Photography

I’ve fallen in love with Maternity Photography.  I love being able to capture the pure joy of expectant Mothers.  The wonderful thing about living in Northern Virginia is that we have so many Parks to choose from — each one, unique in its own way.  

Outdoor Maternity Locations

Some of my favorite outdoor locations in Northern Virginia include:   

  • Algonkian National Park (Sterling, VA)
  • Lake Anne (Reston, VA)
  • Walker Nature Center (Reston, VA)
  • Burke Lake Park (Fairfax Station. VA)
  • Meadowland Botanical Gardens (Vienna, VA)
  • Wolf Trap National Park (Vienna, VA)
  • Huntley Meadows (Alexandria)

If you are interested in having a maternity photo session and you live in the area, please make sure schedule in advance.  We can always work out details such as exact time and weather closer to the date. I only book one client per day as it can get emotionally exhausting.

Indoor Maternity Photoshoot 

Whenever the weather doesn’t cooperate, we provide indoor photoshoots as an alternative. During one of my photo sessions, we had previously planned an outdoor shoot but it started raining heavily — not great for a very pregnant mom! We decided to take the photos in their home and it turned out well. The advantage of an indoor maternity shoot is that the client can change clothes (with ease) as well as be able to use the bathroom whenever they want. It’s actually more comfortable than that of an outdoor shoot.  Obviously, indoor or outdoor, both have pros and cons.

Algonkian National Park and Reston’s Walker Center 

My utmost favorite locations are Algokian National Park in Sterling and Reston’s Walkers Center. I’ve never photographed an unhappy expectant Mother and I think thats why I’ve completely fallen in love with Maternity photography — the Moms are just so happy and being around them makes you just as happy and excited!

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