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Reston Newborn Photographer

I am a Reston, Northern, VA/ Metro DC Photographer who specializes in Family, Children and Newborn Photography. I love photographing people in their happiest moments and am very passionate about each project. As a resident of Reston, Northern VA, I would love to photograph members of my community within the neighborhood. If you are thinking of doing a family photoshoot, fall is a great time to do that as the colors change to a warm glow that helps make each photo a little more special.

If you choose an outdoor photo session, Northern VA/ Metro DC has many venues that are picturesque and ideal. We can also bring lighting equipment to your homes for on-site location shoots. The best time for a photography shoot is and hour or two before sunset as it presents a golden hue. Please contact us for more info.


Reston Family Photographer

One of my favorite things to do is to capture families having fun and being together, smiling and having a great time. Family portraits are perfect for location shoots and there are many to choose from in Northern VA and DC. The best time to take a Family Portrait is really dependent on the Family's favorite season. If its during Fall, the background is gold. If its during winter the background is white, Spring is green and Summer... is hot!

If you have young children, please consider doing a photoshoot around their nap time. Please also make sure that they are well-fed before the session. Another aspect of a Family Photography session is bringing a change of clothes for the children as they can get sweaty after an hour of fun with yours truly. For more questions, please check out my FAQs.


Reston Children Photography

As a mother myself, I know how how to capture his smile. I love photographing his every day, normal, mundane moments and just remember them as is. This insight into a child's mind is what I would use to capture your child's moments as well. I love being with children and that's why I've chosen children and family photography as my focus. My favorite is doing jump shots or flying / floating phots of children. But at the same time I also love quiet photos / serious ones where you can really see the child. You better believe that your kids will have a great time during the photo session, you will too!


"Photography has two ingredients: Light and Time"

I love how a great photo can resonate with strangers and make them smile, happy, sad, lonely and even angry... whatever emotion as long as the photo conveys some kind of emotion.


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