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Northern Virginia Family Photography

I am a Reston, Northern VA Family photographer. My style is relaxed, come-as-you-are and bring your best smiles! Family photography can be challenging because no one works as a model, not everyone will smile at the same time, not everyone understand your need for natural light, not everyone will cooperate and know how to pose, etc. If there are toddlers in the photo, not everyone will be looking at the camera. Its very challenging but at the same time, its so much fun! I have the best time whenever Im doing a family photography session!

Family Photography FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about my Family Photography sessions:

Question: What do we wear?
Answer: Something comfortable and something you would be proud to wear in a Family Portrait photo thats hanging by the mantel in your parents house.

Question: Should we bring a change of clothes?
Answer: I definitely recommend bringing a change of clothes, yes. Especially if you want more than one portrait and also because sometimes you will get sweaty during the shoot. Its always nice to change into dry clothes.

Question: I have a family of 5 is a one-hour session enough?
Answer: Yes.

Questions: How much do you sessions cost?
Answer: Please see our photography rates page.

Question: Can I bring my grandparents?
Answer: Yes, of course!

Question: Can I show you some of the poses that we want?
Answer: Yes, in as much as I believe I have my own poses for families, its always good to have more.

Question: Should we bring water to the photoshoot?
Answer: Yes, most definitely.

Question: Can we shoot in our backyard?
Answer: Yes, as long as the light comes through the trees, we can shoot anywhere.

Question: What other location do you recommend for family photography?
Answer: We are in luck! Northern VA has some of the best backdrops that any photographer could dream of. There are many parks that we can use and even old towns that would make a wonderful background. We can decide what sort of session you want and that will determine the location.

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