Once a beach photographer always a beach photographer

My partner’s family and I recently went to Panama City beach. Its the beach their family use to frequent when they were younger.  Papi, my partner’s father mentioned that the last time he was in Panama City beach was 19 years ago. “Its been a long time!” He said.

As a former, nay, current Beach Photographer, I felt it my duty to do my jump shots…

What is it about a beach that compels me so? I wonder. I miss the beach! Thats for sure.  My partner told me to find my “niche” and I seriously think its jump shots or a version of it.  Something that makes people look like they are flying or floating.  I seriously love, love photos like this.

I can do regular shots like this…  but it doesn’t make me as happy as doing flying / floating shots.  So I think my niche is going to be just that. Flying photos!

Sunset Family Portrait

Here is another flying/floating jump shot by my niece, who i love and humors me so.

Flying/floating jump shot

What I love about the flying/floating photos is that for that brief instance, I’ve capture someone thats flying/floating and I just love that sensation of zero gravity.  Anyway, if you are looking for a photographer that likes fun and excitement and likes doing a lot of flying photos, you have found her!