Algonkian National Park as a Photography Location

We visited Algonkian National Park over the weekend. It was about a 25 minute drive from Reston. Its located in Sterling, VA. Its another one of the beautiful parks in Northern VA. One thing you will notice when you are driving in are the deer. There is so much deer in this park, we probably saw about 10 of them during our short stint. There was even a baby deer. I was driving so I couldn’t pull my camera out.

Algonkian National Park has different levels of color because of the river running through it. I used this river as the background and you can see that its very picturesque. Unlink other parks in Northern, VA, Algonkian has no entrance fee. We simply drove in and went to the picnic area.

The picnic area was filled to capacity with families enjoying the warm weather and clear skies. They have quite a number of covered tables, you can rent them for the day for birthdays and such. If you have a large family and love outdoor picnics, this would be my recommendation. Suggest to book early so you can find a spot when you get here and this would be a great place for those unforgettable family photos.