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Reston, Northern VA Photographer

Children Photography Northern VA

I am a Reston, Northern VA Children and Family photographer.  Children amaze me, I love photographing Children who are having a great time and even those who would rather be somewhere else.  I like to focus their energies so that they enjoy the photoshoot and the time spent with their parents.   I also specially enjoy photographing active with kids who are willing to jump for flying shots!  Its so much fun and I always have a great time photographing kids!

You can’t pose a child who doesn’t want to pose so the next best thing is to capture them having fun!  I think you can always tell whenever a child gets bored or doesn’t want to do any more photos so if you ask them to start playing and jumping about, thats the next best shot or it might even turn out to be a great photo.  I have a lot of outtakes that I love even more than actual posed photos.  The photo above was taken in Manassas Battlefield Park.   The park itself is huge and its a great location shoot for Northern VA.  What I like about Battlefield is that you can shoot amongst the forest or you can shoot in an open field.  Whatever light is best and whatever theme of the photoshoot — you really can’t go wrong with this location.  In Children photography, timing and patience will get you a really great photo.

This photo above was taken in Alexandria’s Huntley Meadow Park and Krystal is a star!  I simply asked her to start looking at the plants and she did so effortlessly enabling me to capture this beautiful moment in time.

Children Photography FAQs

Here are a few frequently asked questions before you book your Children Photography Session:

Q: Do I have to bring a change of clothes for the kids?
A: Yes, even if its not to change clothes during the shoot but to put on dry clothes after sweating so much.

Q: How long will this take?
A: A Children Photography session will take up to an hour or an hour and a half when we are walking to and from a section of the park

Q: What if its schedule to rain during our scheduled shoot?
A: We will always advise you a day prior if we recommend moving the date

Q: How much does a session cost?
A: Children Photography Sessions are $300 and you will get all the digital copies and a release for prints