Baby Birthday Photography Northern VA

Burke Lake Park, Northern VA Photography Location
November 5, 2018

I just want to taste my birthday cake

Happy First Birthday Baby Girl! Thank you for letting me be your photographer today. I simply enjoy photographing birthday parties because of the sheer joy that is easily captured in photos. Here are some of the photos of this beautiful baby and her family.

Family Photography Northern VA

One of the other things that I love are outtakes.

This dog did not want her photo taken

And of course, my favorite, family photos!

Love Family Portraits!

Baby’s First Birthdays are special to the family so I particularly loved that everyone was there for the photo session. Every baby is different and some will actually smash the cake but because its their first time to see a whole cake in front of them, some babies are different. Some babies will just try the cake and then move on to more important things like gifts!

Happy Birthday little one! We are so happy and excited for your future. You are so blessed to have a wonderful, beautiful and loving family.