LGBTQ Wedding Photographer in Northern VA

Algonkian National Park as a Photography Location
Algonkian National Park as a Photography Location
August 7, 2018
Once a beach photographer…
August 29, 2018

My partner and I have been married for 5 years now.  We initially got married at a courthouse in DC and when Virginia finally allowed same-sex marriage in 2014, we got married again in a public ceremony at our home in Northern Virginia.

Our Northern VA LGBTQ Wedding

I would love to photograph LGBTQ Couples for either their Engagement photos or Wedding Photography.  As someone that is part of the LGBTQ community I feel particularly honored and excited to witness other couples take that leap.

LGBTQ Photographer

Aside from Weddings and Engagements we would also love to photograph LGBTQ Families.  Having a family is a wonderful experience and if you are hoping to capture those special moments, please contact us for a quote.  Please note that we do provide discounts to LGBTQ Families.

LGBTQ Newborn Photography

My partner recently gave birth to our baby boy, Sage.  I never thought I was going to have children and it has been such an amazing journey.  We have amazing packages for newborn photography that includes baby wrapping.  Please note that we offer a 10% discount to LGBTQ families.

LGBTQ Family Photographer

Our goal is to be your photographer from the time that you start your life together as an LGBTQ Family to the time that you welcome a child into your home…and maybe a number 2.. or 3… to the time when they start school and graduate from College.  We look forward to capturing your family milestones and reminding the world that Love is Love.